2 June 2021
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Jewellery Care
Jewellery Care You don’t want to lose the shine and glare of your gold and silver jewelry over time. Fashion jewelry is also your top concern […]
28 May 2021
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About Calabash & Ambiance
The ambiance in your place is so important. Don’t you feel so ? A little touch can change everything! That’s why we add calabash lamps in […]
26 May 2021
natural incense
Importance of Natural Incense
Importance of Natural Incense       We like to talk about natural incense, the importance of using natural smells and their effects on us. The […]
25 May 2021
sacred geometry
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry Archaeologists, mathematicians, and anthropologists have confirmed the presence of these geometric patterns in various civilizations, religions, architecture, and belief systems around the globe. These […]
16 March 2021
We love markets & festivals! Unfortunately so many events has been cancelled. Now we are more active on internet still waiting for the moments to set […]
15 April 2020
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Home Sessions
We organise ‘home sale’ in your place or in our garden. Come together with your friends and enjoy the treasures which display just for you. Please […]