1How long it takes my treasure arrives ?
When we receive your order , we packed in same day and run to post office . Switzerland 2-3 days Europe 4-7 days USA and overseas 10 - 14 days
2What happens if the treasure damaged on the way ?
Ups! We are sorry for that ! But no worries ! Please send us a message ( info@dotisutra.com ) with a picture of the damage and we talk about what we can do next . - You can send us back and we can replace with new one ( please keep in mind, most of our pieces are only ONE piece ) - You can have credit with the same amount to purchase another piece you lo
3Where all these treasures come from ?
We collect our collections from India, Indonesia, Nepal, Turkey The silver jewellery is from small shops that we connected through our journeys. Macrame & Wire wrap jewellery is from our artist traveller friends. Calabash lamps are from Melis's hometown Bodrum. A local family who creates them for last 30 years. Incences & Perfume is from small businness from Pushkar, India .
4My questions is not here !
My questions is not here ! Please send us e-mail now and we love to answer as soon as possible . info@dotisutra.com